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High Speed Broadband

This refers to high-speed data transmission in which a single cable can carry a large amount of data at once. The most common types of Internet broadband connections are cable modems (which use the same connection as cable TV) and DSL modems (which use your existing phone line). Because of its multiple channel capacity, broadband has started to replace baseband, the single-channel technology originally used in most computer networks.

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Commercial Leased Line

Give your organization a first-class dedicated internet experience via a fast and reliable connection from one of the India's largest Internet Service Providers… and we are unquestionably experienced and qualified to keep your business on-line.


A dedicated internet leased line network connectivity and infrastructure for any business is increasingly being accepted as a critical business platform and is at the heart of the communication and interaction that defines the current business landscape. Networks no longer merely support organizations; they also drive business and have become critical to business continuity. SMDNPL is one of the major players in providing dedicated Internet Bandwidth services to businesses with 100% redundancy and 99.98% uptime.

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Wi-Fi & Hot-Spot Solutions

Establishing and managing WIFI networks is the business of The Company. SMDNPL can install a managed WIFI network for you at the location(s) of your choice. The key word here is “managed”. You need a managed WIFI network to optimize the service for the users and to protect you and your company. There are many number of technicians who can install a basic WIFI network as an extension of your existing office network or install a WIFI network at a different location.

Wi-Fi adapters becoming common in even mobile devices like cellular phones and iPods, customers are more interested in receiving Wi-Fi hotspot services in hotels, guest house, conference centers, airports, hospital and nearly all types of hubs. They want instant, clear and easily accessible, trusted and high speed Wi-Fi services!

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Networking Integration & Management

SMDNPL is largest Network Integrator by Voice & Data. SMDNPL today has specialized skill sets in various technology solutions including:
1. Advanced IP Routing and Switching
2. Network Management 
3. Voice over IP 
4. Video Conferencing 
5. Telepresence 
6. LAN and WAN Connectivity 
7. Application Installation and Support

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Home Plan

  • Up To 50* Mbps
  • 50 GB Data
  • After Limit Speed Up to
    4 Mbps Unlimited
  • Start from ₹.699
  • For 3 Months @ 2,099*
  • For 6 Months @ 4,199*
  • For 12 Months @ 8,399*

Standard Plan

  • Up To 50* Mbps
  • 100 GB Data
  • After Limit Speed Up to
    6 Mbps Unlimited
  • Start from ₹.999
  • For 3 Months @ 2,999*
  • For 6 Months @ 5,999*
  • For 12 Months @ 11,999*

Gold Plan

  • Up To 50* Mbps
  • 250 GB Data
  • After Limit Speed Up to
    10 Mbps Unlimited
  • Start from ₹.1199
  • For 3 Months @ 3,599*
  • For 6 Months @ 7,199*
  • For 12 Months @ 14,399*

Warning: "We are not at all resopnisible if you get addicted to Speedmaxx"!!!